happy new year, my lovely friends ❤

it’s already the 11th day of this year, and I am just now taking some time to reflect upon myself and think of ways I can improve myself these 365 days ahead of me… but it’s always better late than never!


i can’t really say it’s going to be a significant year for me, there’s nothing in the near future that made me count down the days till the new year… it’s just another calendar year that I’ve been blessed with!! and it’s also an opportunity. each year brings countless situations where I’m faced with tremendous opportunities, and whether I quickly snatch this one for myself, or let it pass by, is all up to me.

whether it may be a chance to make a new friend, get a new job, or even take some action to change the world, the ultimate decision of whether or not i’m going to proactively seize and take advantage of this “opportunity” lies completely in my hands. but the thing is, it’s so terribly easy to let opportunities slide by. opportunities of a lifetime can slip through my fingers if I’m distracted and not paying attention. it’s dangerous.

& with this thought, I started to make a list of things I want myself to do this year and came up with these:

  • i will not let opportunities slip by because of fear
  • i will say all the things i want to say (unless they are very very hurtful to someone else)
  • i will read the newspaper more often
  • i will care about social problems in the world. i will NOT be oblivious to the world around me. ignorance is not bliss. 
  • i will work on my patience
  • i will love more
  • i will (try to) keep up a healthy lifestyle
  • i will redefine my dream
  • i will find an internship
  • i will drink more coffee
  • i will drink less coffee
  • i will drink coffee.

I have 354 more days to try and end this 2016 year with no regrets, wish me luck!

hope all you guys have a wonderful year filled with nothing but good things ☺

xoxo, meray


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