iwha mural village

today was a sunny (quite warm) day in seoul, perfect for acting like tourists in our city. my good friend and I set out for iwha mural village [ located at hyewha station, subway line 4 ] in the early afternoon. I lost my phone in the subway and my adventurous mood was already dampened, because the lady who found my phone said that she’d keep it until we meet her (wanting money 😞) later on in the day…

… sidenote: today my rose-colored glasses were extremely shattered for the first time in korea and I was really quite disappointed. I’ve met so many wonderful, kind-hearted people in seoul that I seem to have forgotten that there are mean souls everywhere. It’s a lesson to be learned.

but when we arrived at hyewha station and followed the signs (and the tourists) towards the iwha mural village i soon forgot all about my phone and was totally immersed in awe of my surroundings. iwha mural village reminded me of the “old korea” that i see in movies, or i remember from my early childhood days. other than the newly built cafes and museums, the residential buildings have been there for longer than i have been alive. the fact that the traditional lifestyle of the iwha village and the bustling streets of daehakro (also in hyewha) never ceases to amaze me.

it’s been a rollercoaster of a day, but i’m thankful that i’m living in such a beautiful city, with the opportunity to uncover the little secret beauties of seoul every single day. i glued my rose colored glasses back.



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