hello from seoul 🇰

hello my lovely friends! It’s been 5 days since I’ve landed in korealand & I’m absolutely loving it!! 😄

I’ve spent the last couple days in 강릉, spending lazy days watching Korean dramas, going into town, and laying out peppers to dry on the roof with my grandparents before move-in day (which was yesterday). I don’t know a soul in 강릉 other than my grandparents so I spent absolutely all my time with them… but it was so good because this is the first time I’ve seen them in 6 Y E A R S !!!

Anyway, I moved into my Ewha dorm yesterday, went out with some girls to explore Seoul & met my awesome roomie ❤ and today we explored our campus & the surrounding area:


The ECC (Ewha Campus Complex) is the center of campus, and the center of attention of our campus as well. And for good reason! It’s beautiful and awesome. It’s Dominique Perraut’s creation, and it’s like a not so underground but underground shopping mall! The glass on the side that you can see in the picture are actually doors that lead to a series of things like stores, lecture rooms, a movie theater, a fitness center, and other things. I’m still amazed by it. It’s a building but not a building and I dunno it BLOWS my mind

                                      IMG_9981 IMG_9984

Shopping around 이대! There are so many cute stores with cheap clothes (5,000~10,000 won [so like $3-8 USD]) 😍 IMPORTANT CULTURAL FACT: haggling is a VERY REAL THING in Korea. I got hella cute black leather booties for 30,000 won when they were originally 48,000 won. It was my first time haggling, so I felt reeeeally awkward doing it but hey I saved 18,000 won so 💁  protip: if you’re not getting anywhere haggling just kinda whine to the shopkeeper that you don’t want to spend so much! It will definitely depend on the store owner, but if they want your business they will slice off some won’s from the price!!

                                      IMG_9989 IMG_9990

빙수 IS THE ONLY REASON I CAME BACK TO KOREA (just kidding) but for real. Bingsoo is my love. The girls & I had strawberry bingsoo at Cafe Bene and it was yummy yum yum! It was nice to just kinda sit back and relax after a full day of good shopping ☺

             IMG_9995 IMG_9997

I’m FINALLY done decorating my walls to make this dorm in a (kind of) foreign country feel more like home 😁 all my favorite people and my favorite things are now up on my walls and I feel like I can take on the world.


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