As you guys know, for 6 weeks this summer, I was totally submerged in the beautiful nature of Hawaii. Being the city girl I am, everything was so unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me at first. But in good time, I became best friends with sunrises and sunsets, developed an eye for uncovering beauty in wilderness, and learned how to be one with the sea. And now in just 6 short days, I will be totally submerged in the great city of Seoul. It will be my new home.

Quite frankly, I love the city. I love cities. I love it because I’m a piece of its whole. We all are. The mountains, the countryside, the wide open sea — they’re all friends too; but they can wait for me. For now, give me a place with a million new faces. Give me old concrete buildings and brand new glass windows. Give me neon lights and a rush of people who don’t know day from night. Give me city blocks with friends masked as strangers just around the corner. Give me crowded subways and bustling crosswalks and late night bus rides where you doze off with your headphones in and your forehead rattling against the window. Give me community. Give me raw, give me real. Give me the city.

Maybe I’m crazy, but something about going into a city of 10 million people with just a handful of faces I know gives me so much peace. There is chaos in unfamiliarity, but there is also comfort in unfamiliarity. And the second that the unfamiliar becomes the familiar is when it is home.

I’m an emotional nomad. I crave sporadic change. Whether that may be a change in location, people, or my paradigm, I cannot be still, I cannot be stuck in one place–physically, mentally, or emotionally–for too long. And this, the opportunity to discover the heart of unexplored territory, and to create a temporary home in a place that has so much to offer, will be positively refreshing. I can’t wait.

xoxo, meray



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