what up homaha

Hello friends! I’m f i n a l l y back at home after 6 weeks in paradise!

My time in Kona was nothing less than amazing. I met God, and now I know who He is. I know His great love and mercy and forgiveness and grace because I would be nothing without them. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people, whose hearts are turned to the Lord-to be loved by them, receive their prayer, go on adventures with them & just grow in God with them. I honestly have no idea when I’ll see them again, but they will surely be in my heart & prayers forever. And if nothing else, we’ll have a huge party in heaven. Kokua Crew REPRESENT 😜

The adventures I had on the island were incredible, and every single day was such a blessing. SUCH a blessing. Every trip to Daylight Minds, early mornings spent in the prayer room, jumping in the pier almost every single day, the beautiful sunsets, and just the wonderful beauty of nature on that island was just breathtaking. Man, I’m gonna miss is so much. But I will go back soon, sometime in the near (or far) future. I know this to be true.

Our God is good. Our God is great. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He chose to choose us. That’s so amazing to me. I’m weak, and I screw up so many times, but His love is so great, and so powerful.

I have been called as a servant to this wonderful, loving God.

Of course I must say “here I am Lord, send me”




 Mile 88 Beach “Kua Bay” || our main mode of transportation around the island was always hitchhiking


IMG_8536 IMG_8565

4th of July || celebrated America’s independence with my latina girls


IMG_8619 IMG_8630

Living Stones Church || church right by the sea, what more could you want?

IMG_8659 IMG_8668 IMG_8672

Hitchhiked to Kua Bay (again) || Can you tell Kua was our favorite beach?

IMG_8692 IMG_8739 IMG_8765

Hilton Waikoloa Village || explored this beautiful resort with beautiful souls 

IMG_8796 IMG_8799 IMG_8801 IMG_8809

Baptism in the Pier || my past has been made clean by my King

IMG_8811 IMG_8817 IMG_8831

one final roadtrip around the island with hecka rad people

IMG_8841 IMG_8843

IMG_8864 IMG_8870 IMG_8892

Waipio Valley

IMG_8895 IMG_8904Waipio Valley beach

IMG_8955 IMG_8963 IMG_8999

the drive up Mauna Kea || sometimes you need to hang out of the window to capture the beauty of the sky

IMG_9099 IMG_9142 IMG_9158 IMG_9171

breathtaking sunset above the clouds at Mauna Kea || @ 13,796 feet


Hilo farmer’s market || spontaneous stops lead to great treasures

IMG_9238 IMG_9250 IMG_9265

green sands beach || 1 of only 4 green sand beaches in the world



southpoint || there’s no fear when it’s your second time 😜😎


overlooking all of Kona || thank you for all the adventures & memories, Kona. I’ll see you soon

xoxo, meray


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