hello from kona

I cannot believe that I’ve been away for so long!

But Hawaii has been treating me so so well 😍 It’s truly a beautiful paradise, what more could I ever want?

I’m here for 6 weeks in total (I only have 17 days left!!!!!!! 😭😭😭) with YWAM as a Mission Builder. YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is a Christian missionary organization located all around the world, and its purpose is to “know God and to make Him known”. For more information on YWAM, click here! And so I’m here on the Kona base, serving in the kitchen for 6 weeks. I came to this island with a broken heart, and I’m slowly healing and getting to know God and yeah, this has been (and hopefully will continue to be) so good for my soul. Here are some of my adventures from the past 3 weeks:




A crazy hike at Kolekole park to Akaka Falls

When I say crazy I really mean crazy. We expected it to be about a 3 hour hike (no one had done it before so we were just guestimating), so we took all our cameras and backpacks thinking it was going to be a (relatively) short trip there and back…. but then 2 hours passed and there still was no sign of the waterfall, so we kept going. 4 hours later someone who was up ahead shouted “Oh I see it!!!” and we were so excited because 1; we were FINALLY going to see the beauty of this magnificent waterfall, but 2: because we thought that there was a way to the road from the waterfall so we could just walk along the road on the way back. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no way to any road, and we had to come all the way back. It was definitely a hard hike (probably the hardest I’ve ever done in my life), but it was so beautiful. It was amazing to just bask in God’s beautiful creation, and just have an adventure. We hiked not through a paved road or trail, but over rocks, wading in the water, breaking branches to get through the jungle, and we had to help each other out because many of us had important things in our backpacks, and some people couldn’t swim…the spirit of teamwork was definitely alive and well for the 8 hours we were together. It was the hike of a lifetime. IMG_7109

IMG_7141 IMG_7210

Tabea’s birthday: Açaí bowls & Queen’s Bath
IMG_7450 IMG_7537

LovefeastIMG_7632 IMG_7694 IMG_7854

Beach “69” at Waialea Bay
IMG_7888 IMG_7908 IMG_7910

Queen’s Bath & Splasher’s

We go to Queen’s Bath a lot, it’s the perfect place to see the sunset and no sunset is ever the same so Queen’s Bath is never the same. I love Hawaiian sunsets. Each sunset is so magnificent in its own way and yeah, of course there are some that are just “wow”, but it’s breathtaking every day.

I don’t have any pictures from this adventure but I do want to share with you all because it’s a story worth telling. The last weekend my old roomie Marie (she was my beautiful, kind roomie from Denmark, pictured above with me at Beach 69 and Lovefeat) was here, we took some gear (a body board, fins snorkel gear) out from the Pier about a mile and half on a Sunday morning looking for dolphins and we had the opportunity to swim with them and it was so so so so so beautiful. There were probably 20 of them with us, just swimming around in the ocean, and they were so beautiful. It was a miraculous adventure. BUT after we swam with them to our hearts’ content, we couldn’t swim all the way back to the Pier because it was a long way and our legs were so tired…. so we decided to take a shortcut. What seemed like a good idea at the time turned out to be one of the most frightening experiences of my life. There was a rocky area that looked like it was safe to get out at, only about a half a mile away from us so we decided to try and make it there, but right when we got close to shore the waves started to get bigger and bigger… and Marie had been here for 3 months already and knew her way around the sea better than me, and we were separated but she yelled out at me to dive under the waves when they come. But I’m from land-locked Nebraska, where the only place to swim were swimming pools or lakes with no waves. I didn’t know how to dive under a wave and I got swept along with the waves amongst the rocks and it was the scariest experience of my life. At multiple points I was scared for my life, I was scared of the rocks, I was scared of the waves… I was just paralyzed with fear. But God really had His hand over us, because very nice people came to help us out of the water, and fetch our body boards for us (they got swept away because of the waves too), and examine our cuts. I was so thankful that I didn’t hit my head or had any real major injuries, just a lot of cuts and bruises on my legs. When we got out of the water, though, we could barely stand up because we were shaking so much. Oh my goodness it was so scary. I get scared just thinking about it. But we’re okay now, and we’ll definitely remember this adventure for the rest of our lives.

IMG_7941 IMG_7949

Hapuna Beach 

Most of the “old crew” (all the people who were already here when I arrived) left on June 22nd, and all the “new crew” arrived on June 25th and Hapuna was the first “outing” we had together with the new people. Goodbyes are always so hard, especially when you’re saying goodbye to people from all over the world, and you don’t know when you’re ever going to see them again on this earth…. but the new crew is so sweet and things change and life moves on and we just gotta adjust to it. It’s painful to stay stagnant in the past, so we keep the memories forever, but we move forward. We keep on swimmin’.

IMG_8021 IMG_8063 IMG_8084 IMG_8112

Mauna Kea

This was the beginning of our roadtrip weekend. We really wanted to go to the summit & watch the sunset because we heard from everyone that it was beautiful and we would miss out if we didn’t go during our stay in Hawaii but sadly the summit was closed because of some protesters 😦 so sad. But we talked with some people who came back from hiking and there was a mini mountain just in front of us, which we decided to climb, and I was so glad we did because it was breathtaking. We were about 9000ish feet high, it was cold, and we were above the clouds. It was a surreal experience. The hike up was steep and the climb down was slippery, but it was a fun little Plan B adventure. These pictures don’t even do it justice, it’s something that is too beautiful to capture in a frame.
IMG_8191Sunrise @ Ahalanui Park



Lava Tube

(we weren’t really supposed to be in this cave, but shh)

very brittle lava rocks somewhere along a path near the volcano
IMG_8316 IMG_8329

Black Sands beachIMG_8367 IMG_8387


I conquered the 40ft cliff jumping adventure with my best friend, Cami 💪

I’ve met so many cool people here, and this time has been so good for my life, and I’m excited to see what this community and place has for me in the next few weeks I’m here. I am so thankful for everything, and I’m feeling so blessed all the time here. I love it. Hope all of you lovely people are having a wonderful summer, wherever you may be 😄

xoxo, meray


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