last weekend at home

IMG_6588 IMG_6589

IMG_6592 IMG_6598 IMG_6610I’m going to Hawaii for a service trip to be a part of something called Kokua Crew on the University of Nations-Kona campus for 6 weeks starting this Thursday (6/4!!!!!!!!). During my time as a Kokua Crew member, I will be serving in whatever capacity is needed, immersing myself in The Word, meeting tons of new people from all over the world, and laying out on the beach probably every day ☀☀☀. More information on Kokua Crew here, if you’re curious about it!

For these are my last couple days at home for a long time, my little sister Eray (Yes, that is her real name. Yes, we get confused when our parents call out to us. No we do not have another sibling named Ray) and I decided to have a weekend-long sleepover in the best fort we’ve built since probably… ever! With a little help from our handy dad, extra-long twin sheets from my dorm (I never thought that they would be useful but hey, what do ya know?), and a pretty sad looking deflated helium balloon, our masterpiece was finished. We’ve spent every waking hour at home under this fort, and my heart is so content ❤

I’m so so SO excited to be surrounded by so many kind hearts and smiling faces, and to explore the islands of Hawaii in a couple days, check back often to see beautiful sights and stories about inspiring people 🌸🏊

xoxo, meray


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