volunteering // living in the mountains

  It’s a snowy Saturday afternoon, and this concludes my 4th week of volunteering. I’m down on Jeju Island to volunteer at a rehabilitation home for children/young adults with severe disabilities called 창암 재활원 (for more information click here) for 6 weeks this winter break and it’s been an amazing learning experience. It’s not my […]

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연락이란 참 희안한것 같다. 생각해보면 보내기 너무나도 쉬운 카톡, 문자 전화번호만 누르면 걸리는 전화. 하지만 보내기 쉬울만큼 거절하기도 쉬운 연락. 카톡. 문자. 전화. 다 일초면 거절할 수 있고 평생 신경 안써도 되는것, 평생 신경 안써도 되는 사람이 되버린다. 요즘 ‘연락’ 에 시달리는 시대. ‘연락’이 끊기면 사람의 ‘인연’과 ‘친근성’도 끊긴다는 놀랍고 무서운 사실. 조금더 조심히 조금더 […]

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happy new year, my lovely friends ❤ it’s already the 11th day of this year, and I am just now taking some time to reflect upon myself and think of ways I can improve myself these 365 days ahead of me… but it’s always better late than never! 2016 i can’t really say it’s going to be […]

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iwha mural village

today was a sunny (quite warm) day in seoul, perfect for acting like tourists in our city. my good friend and I set out for iwha mural village [ located at hyewha station, subway line 4 ] in the early afternoon. I lost my phone in the subway and my adventurous mood was already dampened, […]

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hello from seoul 🇰

hello my lovely friends! It’s been 5 days since I’ve landed in korealand & I’m absolutely loving it!! 😄 I’ve spent the last couple days in 강릉, spending lazy days watching Korean dramas, going into town, and laying out peppers to dry on the roof with my grandparents before move-in day (which was yesterday). I don’t […]

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As you guys know, for 6 weeks this summer, I was totally submerged in the beautiful nature of Hawaii. Being the city girl I am, everything was so unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me at first. But in good time, I became best friends with sunrises and sunsets, developed an eye for uncovering beauty in wilderness, and […]

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what up homaha

Hello friends! I’m f i n a l l y back at home after 6 weeks in paradise! My time in Kona was nothing less than amazing. I met God, and now I know who He is. I know His great love and mercy and forgiveness and grace because I would be nothing without them. I […]

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hello from kona

I cannot believe that I’ve been away for so long! But Hawaii has been treating me so so well 😍 It’s truly a beautiful paradise, what more could I ever want? I’m here for 6 weeks in total (I only have 17 days left!!!!!!! 😭😭😭) with YWAM as a Mission Builder. YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is a […]

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last weekend at home

I’m going to Hawaii for a service trip to be a part of something called Kokua Crew on the University of Nations-Kona campus for 6 weeks starting this Thursday (6/4!!!!!!!!). During my time as a Kokua Crew member, I will be serving in whatever capacity is needed, immersing myself in The Word, meeting tons of […]

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